Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a personal money transfer abroad?

Totipay customers can enjoy worldwide money transfers with a £5 transfer fee. Generally, banks will charge £15 - £30 no matter the amount being sent. Fees aside, our customers will make further savings through the very competitive exchange rates that we use.


Where can I transfer money to?

Totipay has a growing number of countries to which you can transfer money and exchange currencies. Please refer to the drop-down list on the site.


How long does an international currency transfer take?

This depends on a number of factors, like, where the funds are sent from, where the funds are going, and in which currency you are sending them etc. However, generally, this process is very fast.


How do I make a personal international money transfer?

It's really simple:

  1. Register with Totipay

  2. Login to your account & get a live exchange rate quote

  3. Enter the recipient bank account details to book your money transfer

  4. Send us the funds, relax and we'll deliver the funds to your nominated bank account as quickly as possible.


Why use Totipay over my bank?

High street banks may have been around a lot longer than specialist currency brokers like Totipay, but they remain uncompetitive when it comes to helping people transfer money internationally. Not just uncompetitive with their exchange rates and high fees, but also with their levels of customer service and specialist foreign exchange knowledge. 

  1. Better exchange rates than any bank

  2. £5 transfer fee (Max)

  3. 24/7 access to our experts

  4. Speedy currency transfers

  5. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

  6. Different types of transfers available

Use Totipay when:

  1. Emigrating or moving overseas.

  2. Buying or selling property abroad

  3. Making overseas purchase

  4. Investing overseas

  5. Sending money to family and friends

  6. Making regular payments abroad


How long will it take before the funds are available for the beneficiary?

This is normally a maximum of 24 hours, however, this does depend on the country and mode of payment. You can contact us for advice regarding your sending options and destinations.


Where can I find Totipay money transfer locations?

Totipay money transfer has its own branches as well as a wide network of agents all over the UK. If you wish to find an agent or are interested in becoming an agent, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us.


How can I contact a Totipay money transfer agent?

You can contact us via phone, fax or email and we will find the closest agent to you.


Is there a cash limit for money transfer?

Unfortunately, there is. The cash limit for money transfer in a day is £5000. An ID will be required when £3000 and above is being transferred.


What if I provide a wrong account number on my transfer?

Incorrect information may cause delays in the payment. Please contact us in such instances and correct the information that you have provided as soon as possible.


Can I transfer money in the same country with Totipay money transfer?

Yes, you can transfer money with our agencies in the same country.


Can I cancel a transfer and get a refund?

To cancel a money transfer or request a refund, kindly contact us. Please note that we will be unable to carry out a refund if the transaction has been paid.


What are considered as valid ID documents?

As proof of identification, you can use a passport or your country of residence's official identity document. For the use of other types of documents, please contact us for verification. Documents must be valid within the expiration date